Model of treatment

Since the beginning we made exchange of medical and psychological information with our patients to determine eligibility for treatment with IBOGAINE. And we evaluate their intention to change according to Prochaska and Di Clemente change model. Depending on their condition, patients are stabilized by possible acute withdrawal, restitution of liquids and electrolytes; we checked the intestinal toilette and other previous procedures. EKG are performed as needed, before, during and after the treatment, and a complete medical evaluation is done, plus liver profile, drugs panel and some other examination according to the criteria of the medical director.  In our model the entire therapeutic administration of Ibogaine procedure is performed in a General Hospitals Jordan and Yarden Hospitals in Guatemala City.


First contacts to exchange medical  and psychological information, answer questions,  and set a particular  plan.


Full medical evaluation, EKGs, and other labs.


Administration of high purity HCl Ibogaine in a  hospitalary setting according to specific protocols


Monitored process by medical and paramedical hospital  staff, personal trained nurse and medical director

Follow up phase

Reinforcements with ibogaine (boosters) , coaching for the development of social skills, stress management and proper management of painful emotions. correct treatment of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome  (P.A.W.) and other neuropsychiatric conditions