Ibogaine Treatment

The development of the neurosciences has been accelerated in the last 20 years. With the emergence of imaging technology and functional images such as brain mapping or functional MRI, we have a better understanding of active regions in our brain in different circumstances and we can explain better different brain diseases and better techniques and medications have been developed to treat them.

Chemical and non-chemical addictions are common in all populations indifferent ethnicity, sex, social status etc. And their understanding has been complex while their treatment queite elusive .. In most cultures the causes of addiction are unknown and are attributed rather to a “moral evil”, so that therapeutic models respond to that design and offer options ineffective causing great despair and frustration in addicted patients and relatives.

Paradoxically, research on brain mechanisms of addiction and other neuropsychiatric disorders has led to a better understanding of how our brain works and this has led to a more human and sympathetic treatment of those affected.